Sowa US Master Catalog

 Introducing the All New & Expanded Sowa Metalworking Solutions US Master Catalog. 

Along with our very popular GS Rotary Tools & Workholding the new catalog also contains a large selection of Precision Tools (Asimeto & STM) and Sowa High Performance Cutting Tools. We've also added a section of Shop Supplies, loaded with many of the items needed to keep your shop running smoothly and efficiently.

For your convenience the Sowa US Master Catalog is available to be downloaded in its entirety or separately by chapter. You can also download the index as a handy reference.

This electronic version (pdf) of our new catalog is priced, containing list prices for all items. 
If there is a discrepancy between a product price listed in this catalog and that listed on, the price listed on the website will take precedence.

An unpriced hardcopy of the US Master Catalog is also available. If you would like a physical copy contact your local rep or contact us at 1-800-265-8221 or send an email to

Full Catalogue USCAT17 153 MB
1 - End Mill & Shell Mill Holders 5.0 MB
2 - Collet Chucks & Collets 6.1 MB
3 - Shrink Fit Tooling 2.9 MB
4 - Tap & Drill Chucks 8.4 MB
5 - Angle Heads & Speeders 7.4 MB
6 - Vises, Live Centers, Boring & Facing Heads 6.5 MB
7 - Accessories 4.3 MB
8 - Precision Tools 8.9 MB
9 - Cutting Tools 14.5 MB
10 - Miscellaneous Shop Supplies 7.2 MB
Index 65 kb