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Who Is Sowa Tool

Sowa Tool is a family of brands each with their own specialties and specializations, from our premium GS Tooling to our more economic STM Tooling solutions we are in a unique position to be able to offer products for a wide range of needs, specifications, tolerance thresholds and budgets. Our Sowa family of brands are not just window dressing for one single brand. We have built all of our brands so that they can stand on their own as individual brands. From drilling to cutting to precision measuring we are uniquely qualified to serve all your needs under one roof.

Sowa at a Glance

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    Partnered Distributors

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The Sowa Difference

All Under One Roof

With the Sowa family of brands, we are uniquely qualified to cater to all our customer’s needs under a single umbrella.  We at Sowa take pride in our ability to create a streamlined purchasing experience thanks to our family of brands.

Same Day Shipping

We never want you to wait for your order, so we make sure your order ships out the same day when you order before 3:00pm EST on all in stock products.

Consolidated Experience

No longer do you need to shop around, as the Sowa family of brands will help consolidate freight charges, reduce your total number of purchase orders, and reduce the number of relationships you will need to maintain to run your business.

Personalized Service

Don’t have a part number? Not sure what you need? That’s ok! Our Customer Service Reps are second to none are here to get you what you need, when you need it.

Keeping Up Stock

We have stock – Sowa makes large investments in our inventory levels to help serve you better. Sowa carries everything for under your spindle, and more! No need to wait on a back ordered product as our 90% 1st pass fill rate means you will always have what you need when you need it.

Our Brands

GS ToolingGS Tooling

Our GS Tooling line is an industry leader in precision tooling where high-performance and stringent quality standards are paramount.  This also results in our GS Tooling line lowering your operating costs by lasting longer and working more efficiently rather than cutting costs in the short term and getting less reliable product.  GS Tooling specializes in high-end end mill holders, collet chuck holders, vises, carbide end mills and more.


The perfect economic tooling solution for general purpose machining applications.  STM products cover a broad assortment of industry quality tools including drills, fasteners, indexable cutting tools, and milling.  With our new STM Premium line you can get higher quality with the same economic price tag.


Manufacturing high performance precision tools and solutions and delivering them at unexpectedly affordable prices is Asimeto’s speciality. Every tool is ISO 17025 certified for dependable accuracy and to ensure calibration is compliant with the regulatory requirements of each local market. Asimeto continues to win market share by applying German metrological design, American technological innovation, and Asian manufacturing competitiveness across a broad range of integrated precision solutions, distributed through a global network. Increasingly, Asimeto is the choice of engineers the world over including companies like Volkswagen, Guhring, and Boeing.

Our Values

  • Commitment & passion

    We believe that when you’re seen getting your hands dirty, helping solve challenges, you will be the best from those around you. A lack of passion can be felt and will never garner the best.

  • Put the customer first

    We always keep our customers at the top of our minds. Getting what our customers’ needs will always be our number one priority and trump any other goals every time.

  • Inspire others

    We aim to inspire by example, executing our vision and setting a good example for those around us. Staying supportive and positive must be visible through our actions, not just our words.

  • Create & innovate

    Creative thinking and constant innovation are what make up stand out from the crowd.  Who cares if we have some failures?  We keep pushing.  Trying a good idea is always better than doing nothing.


Our History

Sowa Tool comes from humble beginnings.  It all started with our founder Gerhard Sr. immigrating to Canada from Germany with the hope to start a new life here.  He started his career purchasing expensive tools from overseas to sell to end users here in Canada.  His son Gerhard Jr. later joined the company and helped usher in a new era.  After a trip to Asia, Gerhard Jr. realized he could produce his own brands, avoiding the middleman.  This helped start the Sowa Tools we know today.