Recalibrate your expectations with Asimeto.

Sowa’s family of metrology solutions deliver absolute confidence born from its European engineering. Our ultimate commitment to quality allows us to ensure strict production standards and reliable technical service for our customers.

  • The Asimeto Calibration Laboratory is ISO 17025 and ISO 9000 accredited
  • This premium heritage product priced at a non-premium price delivers significant value for your money.
  • Designed and registered in Germany
  • Capable of measuring to tolerances in the single-digit micron range, and the ultraprecision tolerances in the sub-micron range
  • Processed using NIST traceable reference gages
  • 2 year warranty*

*Every Asimeto tool comes with a one year warranty, but we are so confident in our tools we double the warranty if you register it within 30 days from date of purchase at


  • Depth Micrometers

    Depth Micrometers
  • Inside Micrometers

    Inside Micrometers
  • Outside Micrometers

    Outsite Micrometers
  • Specialty Micrometers

    Specialty Micrometers
  • Micrometer Calibration

    Micrometer Calibration
  • Micrometer Accessories

    Micrometer Accessories


  • Dial Calipers

    Dial Calipers
  • Electronic Calipers

    Electronic Calipers
  • Vernier Calipers

    Vernier Calipers
  • Caliper Accessories

    Caliper Accessories

Drop & Test Indicators

  • Drop Indicators

    Drop Indicators
  • Test Indicators

    Test Indicators
  • Drop Indicator Accessories

    Drop Indicator Accessories
  • Indicator Holders & Bases

    Indicator Holders & Bases


  • Depth Gauges

    Depth Gauges
  • Bore Gauges

    Bore Gauges
  • Height Gauges

    Height Gauges
  • Reference Gauges

    Reference Gauges

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