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We're always looking for new individuals with unique perspectives and experiences to help us achieve our goals.  Here at Sowa we want our employees to succeed just as much as our business, so setting them up for success is paramount.  Think you have what it takes, but not sure you check every box? Apply to the role anyways. We’d love to talk and determine together whether you could be a great fit! At Sowa Tool, the differences that make each of us who we are, the perspectives that help define how we think and work, and our individually unique experiences help us drive innovation, both in and outside of the company. We build teams where everyone feels empowered to bring their whole and authentic selves to work. We strongly encourage all qualified candidates to apply, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, origin, or disability.

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What To Expect From Us

Respectful Workplace

All of our employees treat each other with respect and conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner. We want to ensure a community of mutual respect. Helping each other, embracing and encouraging change, willingly going the extra mile, and happily accepting to provide various tasks, are all ways in which we can demonstrate respect.



Sowa is an equal opportunity employer, focused heavily on diversity equity inclusion (DEI) initiatives. The Company believes that ensuring diversity is not only fundamental to our future growth and progress but is an integral part of all business activities. We believe that success happens when new ideas can flourish – in an environment that is rich in diversity, a place where people from various backgrounds can work productively together. We know that an environment that fosters diversity is the kind of environment which brings out the untapped potential that lies in our work force, stimulates innovation and company growth. Our DEI objective is to continue to be a diversely rich company with the following inherent and lasting characteristics:

  • Universal recognition by everyone with whom we deal.
  • A workforce that fully reflects the requisite skills available in the relevant employment market.
  • A preferred employer and vendor for all cultural groups in the population by virtue of our reputation in this field.
  • An environment where every employee understands and values diversity.
  • An environment where all employees can reach their highest potential.

The recognition and encouragement of the uniqueness of individual contribution within a team environment is the embodiment of the company and its employment policies. Our philosophy is found in all aspects of employment such as recruitment, compensation, training, promotion, transfer, termination and benefits. All employees will be treated as individuals according only to their abilities to meet job requirements, and without regard to factors such as race, sex, colour, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, citizenship, family status or marital status, creed or any other factor that is legislatively protected within the province where the employee works. Any kind of discrimination or harassment based upon these factors is neither permitted nor condoned, and above all, will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Open Communication

Open Communication

Sowa is committed to creating and maintaining a positive working environment in which the individual rights of the employees are protected, and management is responsive to the needs and concerns of its staff. We believe that open lines of communication provide a means for employees to contribute toward achieving goals through feedback in the form of comments, questions, suggestions, and improvement opportunities. This feedback can improve individual performance, job satisfaction and overall company success. The open-door policy promotes two-way channels of communication between employees and management. It ensures employee concerns are resolved fairly, efficiently and in a timely manner without fear of retaliation. Sowa expects that each employee will be given fair and honest treatment in all aspects of their employment.

Our Values

  • Commitment & passion
    • We believe that when you’re seen getting your hands dirty, helping solve challenges, you will be the best from those around you. A lack of passion can be felt and will never garner the best.
  • Put the customer first
    • We always keep our customers at the top of our minds. Getting what our customers’ needs will always be our number one priority and trump any other goals every time.
  • Inspire others
    • We aim to inspire by example, executing our vision and setting a good example for those around us. Staying supportive and positive must be visible through our actions, not just our words.
  • Create & innovate
    • Creative thinking and constant innovation are what make up stand out from the crowd.  Who cares if we have some failures?  We keep pushing.  Trying a good idea is always better than doing nothing.

Giving Back to The Community

Food Bank

At Sowa Tool we believe strongly in giving back to our community and making a positive impact in people’s lives. Over the years, we have proudly been part of many community initiatives and have donated to several local charities. We believe in supporting our youth and we grant the Sowa Tool and Machine scholarship to students at Conestoga College each year. We also take part in the annual Christmas Food and Toy Drive to support families in need during the holidays.

We are proud supporters of the Canadian Cancer Society, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Another good cause we enjoy participating in is the Big Bike Ride to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation. In recent years we came together and raised over $2500!