GS Tooling Vises


Are you overpaying for your vises?  GS Tooling offers precision clamping systems for all applications, with zero compromises on quality.  We want you to have a strong base for all your metalworking, and that starts with your workholding solution.  All our vises offer the same or better specs as compared to our competitors, but the biggest difference you’ll find is the price!

Our Vises are available in a variety of different capabilities, configurations, and sizes.  Some of our included options are precision milling Vises, modular vises, double clamp vises, and our new MULTITASKING range of modular vises have been specially designed for 5-axis machines.

  • Machine & Drill Press Vises

    Machine Vises
  • Modular Vises

    Modular Vises
  • Multi-Tasking Vises

    Multi-Tasking Vises
  • Vise Jaws and Jaw Caps

    Vise Jaws & Jaw Caps
  • Vise Accessories

    Vise Accessories