GS Tooling

Superior Tooling Performance

Sowa Tool’s premium brand delivers top-tier quality and performance that rivals or exceeds the best in the world. These products offer premium features and dependability, at shockingly affordable prices, making them an ideal choice for applications where accuracy and speed matter most.

Carbide End Mills

Our Micrograin carbide endmills are fit for any task.  GS Tooling offers 4 varieties of endmills to cover every use case.  From our Bright finish to our Sub-Micrograin Carbide AlTiN coated endmills, all your needs are covered by our line.  The high quality of our end mills cannot be beat by those with similar prices. GS Tools are a cut above the rest in price and performance.

GS end mills are offered in a large selection of cutting types including general purpose, ball nose, doubled ended, corner radius, rougher, tapered, and more.  All our end mills are also available in a variety of lengths and coatings to perfectly suit any job.

You can read more about each of our GS Tooling Solid Carbide End Mills here.

  • Square End Mills

    Square End Mills
  • Ball End Mills

    Ball Nosed End Mills
  • Roughing End Mills

    Roughing End Mills
  • Corner Radius & Corner Chamfer End Mills

    Corner Radius & Corner Chamfer End Mills


GS Collets offer unmatched precision and performance, at a price point where no one else comes close, and our new extreme precision 5 micron collets add even more value to the line.

Our collets are offered in most of the industry standard designs including ER, SA, TG, and more.  These collets are also available as standard, sealed, tapping, and our new quick change floating tap collets. Collet chucks are also offered in most standard collet types including ER, SA, TG and some available with our new dual contact spindles.

  • ER Collets

    ER Collets
  • Single Angle Collets

    Single Angle Collets
  • Milling Chuck Collets

    Milling Chuck Collets
  • Double Angle Collets

    Double Angle Collets
  • Specialty System Collets

    Specialty System Collets
  • 5C Collets

    5C Collets
  • R8 Collets

    R8 Collets
  • Tap Collets

    Tap Collets
  • Collet Sets

    Collet Sets

Live Centers

  • CNC High Speed Live Centers

    CNC High Speed Live Centers
  • Long A Shaft High Speed CNC

    Long A Shaft High Speed CNC Live Centers
  • Long A Shaft Higher Speed

    Long A Shaft Higher Speed Live Centers
  • 60º Long A Pipe

    60º Long A Pipe Live Centers
  • High Performance Live Centers

    High Performance Live Centers
  • High Speed Live Centers

    High Speed Live Centers
  • Bull Head Live Centers

    Bull Head Live Centers
  • Live Center & Point Sets

    Live Center & Point Sets
  • Lathe Center Points, Tip & Accessories

    Lathe Center Points, Tips & Accessories

Tool Holding

The GS Tooling holders are the perfect option for customers who value precision and quality of their products.  All our holders are balanced above and beyond our competitors standards for ultimate value and increased tool life.  Our high-end, industry leading holders come at just a fraction of the cost compared to others of the same quality.

Our selection of holders covers a vast amount of uses, so no need to shop around for each.  This includes end mill holders, shell mill holders, collet chucks, shrink fit holders, right angle heads, tapping chucks, drill chucks, and more!

  • Collet Chucks

    Collet Chucks
  • Drill Chucks

    Drill Chucks
  • End Mill Holders

    End Mill Holders
  • Face Mill Holders

    Face Mill Holders
  • Milling Chucks

    Milling Chucks
  • Shell Mill Holders

    Shell Mill Holders
  • Shrink Fit Holder

    Shrink Fit Holders
  • Angle Heads

    Angle Heads
  • Tapping Chucks

    Tapping Chucks
  • Taper Shank Adapters

    Taper Shank Adapters
  • Boring Heads

    Boring Heads
  • Machine Tool Arbors

    Machine Tool Arbors
  • Lathe Tool Post/Tool Holders

    Lathe Tool Posts/Tool Holders


Are you overpaying for your vises?  GS Tooling offers precision clamping systems for all applications, with zero compromises on quality.  We want you to have a strong base for all your metalworking, and that starts with your workholding solution.  All our vises offer the same or better specs as compared to our competitors, but the biggest difference you’ll find is the price!

Our Vises are available in a variety of different capabilities, configurations, and sizes.  Some of our included options are precision milling Vises, modular vises, double clamp vises, and our new MULTITASKING range of modular vises have been specially designed for 5-axis machines.

  • Machine & Drill Press Vises

    Machine Vises
  • Modular Vises

    Modular Vises
  • Multi-Tasking Vises

    Multi-Tasking Vises
  • Vise Jaws and Jaw Caps

    Vise Jaws & Jaw Caps
  • Vise Accessories

    Vise Accessories