Modular shrink fit technology designed to be feature-
rich, fast and flexible with an unrivaled entry price point.

With ShrinkSMART, users receive unparalleled features at an entry-level price point, along with the flexibility to add accessories to the same unit.

Users can select their preferred cooling method and choose accessories that align with their specific needs.

As your needs grow, ShrinkSMART grows with you.

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The ShrinkSMART base unit is packed with features that the market has come to expect with significantly more expensive units and is also equally compatible with other brands of holders, maximizing previous investments.

The GS Tooling holders are the perfect option for customers who value precision and quality of their products.  All our holders are balanced above and beyond our competitors standards for ultimate value and increased tool life.  Our high-end, industry leading holders come at just a fraction of the cost compared to others of the same quality.

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